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Hello, I’m Kate Mundwiler

Communications Consultant


We describe Kate as kind, cool, and creative. She’s obsessed with making things look visually appealing while also being easy to understand. Her love for all things aesthetic started back in kindergarten (in Grand Rapids, MI, where she was born and raised) when she insisted on shopping for her own clothes. Kate’s love for visual arts really took root during her 5 years in LA, where she obtained a degree in visual communications from a prestigious design school. Working in a melting pot culture during her formative years made Kate very adaptable, among other things. She gets along with just about everyone, which makes her excellent at building client relationships. Insurance isn’t her background, but it has become a passion. Kate gets invested in all of our client’s unique situations and really tries to move the needle when it comes to how well their employees understand their benefits. She doesn’t just pull from a library of materials, she works with each client to build a customized strategy which incorporates the company’s voice. Kate isn’t afraid to think outside the box and try new things to get people’s attention, but she also isn’t afraid to go old school with printed materials – it’s all about what works.


On an unrelated note, Kate is TERRIFIED of three things: bees, gas masks, and realistic robots – not necessarily in that order. We learned the middle one the hard way when we sent her to a meeting with a client who manufactures gas masks. We’re glad she stuck with us.

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