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Hello, I’m Brenda White, ARM, CEBS

Vice President & COO

We describe Brenda as a leader, results-driven, and knowledgeable. Brenda just gets it. She is a big picture gal and the picture is always a masterpiece, or at least it becomes one with thoughtful strategic planning. Brenda grew up east of Grand Rapids, went to college west of Grand Rapids (and graduated with a degree in Business Administration in Management with an HR focus), and now lives north of Grand Rapids. She’s got that Midwestern work ethic – maybe to a fault at times if we’re talking about work/life balance. Brenda believes strongly in client advocacy. With all of the challenges clients face, Brenda strives to be a solid resource they can count on. Conveniently for our clients, Brenda loves all things tricky or challenging. She is a self-proclaimed pharmacy and compliance geek and if that’s not enough, she also specializes in underwriting and strategic development.

If you’re looking for Brenda outside of work, you will likely find her in her happy place – the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. That is where she spends most of her free time, year round. Water and sand keep her balanced.

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